Talking about the Corona Virus

Lately, the corona virus is often in the news…

Some questions you can ask in English:

  • What would you do if you were on that cruise ship?
  • Are you washing your hands properly?
  • Are you hoarding anything?
  • Did you buy a lot of masks or hand sanitizer?
  • Do you have any friends or family in (city name)?
  • Are you scared? Are you worried?
  • What are you doing with so much time at home?
  • Are you taking any precautions?
  • Do you think they will cancel the (event)?
  • Are you having trouble buying anything?
  • How are you staying in touch with (friends)?

Some things you might hear:

  • “I heard that many people don’t even know they have it”
  • “I heard that it’s only dangerous for the elderly
  • “I’m worried about all the people in (city name) “
  • “I hope they find a vaccine soon”
  • “I miss my friends”
  • “I can’t find any (toilet paper)”

Some useful words for this topic:

ache 動詞 serious 形容詞  
ache 名詞 severe 形容詞  
attack 名詞   severely 副詞  
bacteria 名詞   sickness 名詞  
be sick 慣用句 sneeze 動詞  
catch 動詞 sneeze 名詞  
collapse 動詞 spot 名詞  
condition 名詞   spread 動詞  
cough 動詞 stomach ache 名詞  
crisis 名詞 suffer 動詞  
develop 動詞   sufferer 名詞  
fever 名詞   suffering 名詞  
germ 名詞   symptom 名詞  
headache 名詞   temperature 名詞  
ill 形容詞   toothache 名詞  
illness 名詞   transfer 動詞  
infection 名詞   trouble 名詞  
pain 名詞   unconscious 形容詞  
painful 形容詞   unfit 形容詞  
painfully 副詞   unwell 形容詞  
pale 形容詞   upset 形容詞  
react 動詞   upset 動詞  
reject 動詞   upset 名詞  
seasick 形容詞   virus 名詞

Here’s a good news article about the corona virus:

Why everything is closing for Coronavirus:
It’s called “flattening the curve”

“All the closures are costing money. So are the delayed events. Still, sporting events and businesses are being canceled. This shows how serious the spread of coronavirus is. 

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