Robots and Society

Robots have increasingly become an important part of society. Engineers have designed many types of robots, such as industrial robots, medical robots, and service robots.

Japanese engineers have been particularly influential in the development of robots. For example, Softbank developed Pepper, a robot who can talk and assist businesses. See the video below to learn more about Pepper.

Today, many businesses are finding new uses for robots. For example, check out the article below about how a restaurant in the Netherlands is using robots during coronavirus to greet customers, take orders, and serve food, just like waiters.

In the future, engineers will continue to develop robots with various applications. What do you think about this? Are robots good for the future, or are there potential negatives associated with robots?

News article: Dutch Restaurant Uses Robot Waiters

In this news article, the writer introduces a restaurant in the Netherlands which uses robots as waiters. Read the article and consider the ways robots will change common businesses, such as restaurants or even schools, in the future.

Video: “We Interviewed Pepper”

Watch the following video in which a journalist introduces and “talks” with Pepper, the Softbank Robot. What do you think about robots like Pepper?

Important Vocabulary related to Robots

Application (noun – definition 2)Electricity (noun)
Artificial Intelligence (AI) (noun)High-tech (adjective)
Battery (noun)Machine (noun)
Control (verb)Robot (noun)
Develop (verb), Development (noun)Robotic (adjective)
Digital assistant (noun)Robotics (noun)

Questions to ask at English Lounge

Have you ever “met” a robot? What was the experience like?

What are some future applications for robots? In other words, what are some other ways robots can help humans in the future?

In your opinion, are robots helpful or harmful to society? Why?

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