About This Website

This website and its resources were designed and built for all students of English at Tokyo International University (TIU) and they are managed by the Global Teaching Institute (GTI) of the School of Language Communication. In addition to the valuable resources provided here, the website is intended to help cultivate a healthy community of practice for all English learners at TIU.

Students of English at TIU can make reservations for English Lounge, Academic Advising, Study Booths, Group Learning Spaces, Anywhere English Lounge, and various workshops. Also, these students can find links to GTI social media accounts, they can find important information about the English Plaza and English Plaza Library, and they can learn about their instructors and the international students who work in the English Plaza. Finally, the website provides numerous educational resources to facilitate the study and practice of English.

Please direct any questions about the website to Richard Schoonmaker.

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