Aida Corpuz

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Aloha! I am from O’ahu, Hawai’i and am very happy to be teaching in Japan. I have been teaching for over twelve years in many different places around the world. I have taught in Hawai’i as a high school English Language Arts and Literature teacher and taught at the university level in Morocco, South Korea, California, and Las Vegas. I enjoy the outdoors and being part of nature by surfing, hiking, and camping. I love experiencing diverse cultures, traveling to different countries, and meeting new people. My hobbies include cooking, watching movies, playing the ukulele, and dancing. I love dancing! I look forward to our learning together!

Home State

Favorite Conversation Topics

  • Hawaii and Travel
  • Food and Fun
  • Music and Dance
  • Health and Fitness
  • Coffee, “Grapes”, and “Hops”
  • Movies and Shows
  • Life and Love