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I was born and raised in Northern Colorado, moving between Fort Collins, Loveland, and Boulder. I triple majored in International Affairs, Economics, and Political Science, as well as earning a certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies. I studied abroad twice– once for International and European Business Management in Berlin Germany, and once for International Law and Conflict Resolution in Japan. I returned to Japan to do my graduate degree at 国際教養大学 in Global Communication Practice, worked for a bit in IT at a 外資系 in Tokyo, and then returned to Akita to teach at the university. I’ve spent the last six years in Akita exploring Tohoku, visiting haikyo, and soaking in the onsens, so I’m excited to explore the Kanto region from now. I love sports cars, motorcycles, League of Legends, tons of different movies, heavy metal and kpop, and traveling, as well as history from all around the world and strange facts. So we can talk about almost anything! Hope to meet you soon!

Home State

Favorite Conversation Topics:

-animals (I have an ugly toy poodle with red and blue hair!)
-cars and bikes (Lan Evo, WRX STi, rotary RXs, drifting and racing)
-travel (I’ve been to 10+ countries in Asia!)
-learning languages (German, Korean, Mandarin vs Cantonese)
-video games (LoL, Portal, Borderlands)
-abandoned places and urban exploring (haikyo)
-arts and crafts, painting, glassblowing
-ghost stories and urban legends
-movies and books (recommend me something new!)

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