English Plaza Rules

When making reservations…

  • You can only make 1 or 2 reservations for the same instructor in one day.
  • If you want to make more than 2 reservations for one day, you will need to make reservations with 2 or more instructors.

In the English Plaza…

  • safety Rules during COVId-19

    • Only students with a reservation for English Lounge or PEP can enter
    • All students must wear a mask correctly at all times
    • All students must have their ID card and touch the IC reader when entering
    • All students must leave at the end of their reserved session unless they have a confirmed second reservation
    • Staff reserve the right to remove any student who does not adhere to any of the rules mentioned above


  • English LoungeとPEPに予約のある方のみEnglish Plazaに入館出来ます。
  • ご来館の際は必ずマスクを着用してください。また、マスクは正しく着用してください。
  • 入館時には学生証をカードリーダーにタッチして下さい。
  • English LoungeやPEPのセッション終了後、English Plazaを退館して下さい。
  • 上記の規定に従わない学生の利用を拒否する権限がスタッフにはあります。


    • Plaza rules must be followed strictly for the safety of students, staff, and faculty.
    • Rules are subject to change, so please check back on this webpage before your appointment and pay attention to announcements on POTI.

Suspended services due to COVID-19:

    • MacBook Air laptop lending
    • Oregon Cafe
    • Games
    • Study skill books (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS)
    • Reserved Study Booths
    • Reserved Group Learning Space Rooms
    • Use of main floor area, except for English Lounge and PEP areas
    • Use of basement area, including LC and Academic Advising Rooms


    • パソコンの貸し出し
    • オレゴンカフェ
    • ゲームの提供
    • 教科書の提供(TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS)
    • Study Boothの予約・利用
    • Group Learning Serviceの予約・利用
    • メインフロアーの利用(PEPとEnglish Lounge以外での使用)
    • 地下のフロアーの利用(LC教室とAcademic Advising室を含む)

  • Use English Only

    • Speak English only*
    • Write English only*
    • Read English only*
    • Listen to English only*

  • Be Active

    • The Plaza is for studying and practicing English.
    • If an instructor or student leader is not busy, start a conversation.
    • There is no sleeping in the Plaza.

  • Have Respect

    • Do not use offensive language (bad words) in the Plaza
    • Headphones must be used when watching videos or listening to music*

*All materials must be in English: books, papers, videos, applications, etc

  • No Food

    • Drink in the cafe only

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