English PLAZA Services

The English PLAZA provides many useful services for TIU students and faculty. Proper etiquette is expected at all times. Watch the video below for more information on English PLAZA etiquette.

Front desk

Students can borrow a laptop for their class or to use for the day. Please bring your student ID and kindly ask the staff at the Front Desk. Students are responsible for returning their own laptops with their student own ID before 7:30 pm. Watch the video below to see the laptop checkout process.

In case of damaged, late returns, or missing laptops, the following consequences may take place.
F19 Official Laptop Rules
Additionally, students can also turn in work to their professors or request to speak with them by informing the staff at the Front Desk.

Study Booths and Global Learning Spaces (GLS)

The English Plaza offers a quiet space to study for exams or to collaborate on a group project with your classmates. You can take advantage of this opportunity by reserving a study booth or Global Learning Space (GLS).

To reserve a Study Booth or learn more about the rules, please visit: https://tiugti.com/study-booths/

To reserve a GLS room, please visit the English Plaza at the front desk.

When using the GLS rooms, please make sure to read and understand the following rules:

  • This is an English ONLY space
  • No food or drinks are allowed
  • A minimum of 4 students should be present to use the GLS rooms
  • If you leave the GLS room for more than 10 minutes, your reservation will be canceled
  • All students should be working on the same project
  • Please keep the GLS room clean
  • Please be punctual when checking in and checking out

Oregon Cafe

Do you enjoy hanging out with friends, relaxing at the lounge chairs, or chatting with our baristas? Well then come on down to our very own Oregon Cafe residing in the English Plaza. With only your student ID, you can get one free drink per day, such as tea or coffee to boost your energy for classes. If you are feeling lucky, you can play a lottery game for a chance to receive a premium drink such as hot cocoa or milk tea! English plaza staffs are always welcoming, and we look forward to your visit!

PEP (Peer English Practice)

PEP (Peer English Practice) is a service for students to improve their speaking skills and engage in cultural exchange by practicing English conversations with English Plaza staff. This service is provided every Monday to Friday from 2PM until 5PM, and students can sign up for each session of 20 minutes through the website tiugti.com.
Reservations are recommended, but anyone is welcome to join anytime if there are available slots. Come to PEP for a good conversation, and happy practicing English!

Peer Advisers for Writing (PAW)

Peer Advisers for Writing (PAWs) are students who work in the Global Teaching Institute’s Academic Advising to give respectful guidance to their fellow student writers based on specialized knowledge in the areas above, which they have gained in their training to become Writing Advisers. PAWs use their training, writing resource, and their own experiences as student writers to help answer questions about academic writing in English. You can learn more about PAW at https://tiugtipaw.wordpress.com/.

English PLAZA Rules

Watch the video below for more information about the English PLAZA rules.

English Plaza Rules _removal of photos rule-page-001
GTI English