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Hello there! My name is Jeremy Cahill. I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, which is famous for three things I love: jazz music, blues music, and barbecue. I studied English and History at the University of Missouri for my BA and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at the University of Central Florida for my MA. My new “pandemic hobbies” are cooking and watching cooking shows, writing short stories and poetry, and meditating.

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Conversation Topics

  • Traveling: I’ve taught in the USA, South Korea, Madagascar (where I was a Peace Corps Volunteer for two years), Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Brazil; I’ve also spent some months backpacking around Europe and Mexico.
  • Reading (Fiction/Nonfiction)
  • Technology
  • Business, Economics, and Entrepreneurship
  • International Relations, Politics, and Current Events
  • Music and Playing Musical Instruments
  • Movies, TV Series, and Stand-up Comedy
  • Exercising, Weight Lifting, and Yoga

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