Kristian Howland

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I was born and raised in Southeastern Massachusetts, surrounded by nature, before I moved to Hawaii for college at 18 years old. I then studied abroad in Aichi, Japan for a year and Colchester, England for a semester and returned to Hawaii for my graduate studies. Most recently, I moved to Japan from San Diego, California. I enjoy traveling, reading, drawing, exploring new areas of my neighborhood, playing with my two cats, writing, sports, dancing, photography, going to cute little cafes, and meeting new people! Please come say hi so we can share pet photos and funny travel stories, I look forward to it.

Home State

Favorite Conversation Topics

  • Books: I love going to libraries, bookstores, and museums around the world and I read a lot of poetry and classic English novels.
  • Art & Photography: I spend too much time looking at art on Instagram and Pinterest 🙂 What type of art do you like to look at?
  • Language Learning: Let’s talk about different learning styles and strategies.
  • Nature: My hometown was located in a forest by a big lake, my grandparents were florists, and my father is an environmental biologist so I’m big on the outdoors. I would love nature recommendations in the Kanto area!
  • Animals: I have two spoiled cats – let’s share some cute pictures~
  • Study Abroad: I was previously a study abroad advisor if you’re thinking about studying abroad (or you already have).
  • Traveling: I was 20 years old the first time I ever traveled outside of my home country but I have since traveled to 30+ countries around the world so I love to swap travel stories, advice, and photos!
  • Sports: I think sports are a great way for people to bond and learn about themselves and each other.


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