Same Thing

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How to Play

One person looks at the image above and tells a partner (or small group) how to make the same thing (everyone should face the same direction in order to easily understand the instructions: left, right, etc). Use the materials and useful vocabulary below, and try to make the same thing as fast as possible; use the stopwatch below to time yourselves. Each time you visit this page, the images will be randomly different. How fast can you and your partner (or group) make the same thing?



Useful Vocabulary

on top on the left on the right
above below next to
near far under
touching edge upside down
along through across
in the middle inside on its side
a little left a little right a little up/down
turn it a little eraser corner
the other way facing right facing it
coming out going in horizontal
vertical overlap in front
behind covers half halfway
parallel up and down left and right
bottom top side

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