SLI 2018 Alice

Alice 🇻🇳 My name is Alice. This is not my real name, I just found it easy for people to remember so I called myself Alice. I’m from Danang, Vietnam; a city surrounded by beaches and high mountains. I grew up near the ocean and my house is near the Han river which was the location for a lot of the world’s famous bridges. However, I cannot swim; even though I tried for years but still, water and I do not have a good relationship. I love watching people, analyzing the way they think and act. I’m also a very lazy person, the most favorite thing I want to do is wake up on a cold winter day, not have to go anywhere and do nothing but drink a warm cocoa while seeing the snow falling down from the glass window. If you share the same hobby with me, please come find me and let’s talk together. Also, I think that loneliness does not come from being alone; it comes from feeling that nobody cares. I never feel lonely, I always care, I care about myself, so if you don’t have anyone to share about your feelings, your thoughts, please know I will care. Therefore, please don’t go through things alone, we – the Student Leadership Interns – are always ready to hear and help you no matter what.

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