SLI 2018 Chita

Chita πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Ώ Hello, my lovely people! I am Chita, born in Tashkent, but preferably my home to be is Planet Earth. I have passion for communicating with people from various ethnic backgrounds. I believe the ability of meeting new faces and turning them into friends makes people valuable citizens to a society. ENGLISH PLAZA plays a vitally important role in achieving these skills in my life, and has already turned into my second home where I can enjoy working with my second family. Additionally, I can speak 4 languages fluently and am still working on my Japanese language skills. As knowing foreign languages is one of the factors which helps different people to communicate. Second fact about me is I love reading business psychological books which are true keys for personal development. Jim Ron and Robert Kiyosaki are who I appreciate as true leaders and I’m learning a lot from them. Let me share one more interesting note: I never ever eat junk food (fast food). I prefer to be hungry rather than eating unhealthy food, so I try as much as possible to be healthy and active. Also I do swimming twice a week after my oceans of studying. Do you want a friend to share your feelings or any help? Come to me, talk to me. Thank You

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