English Plaza
Internship Application

Hiring for Fall 2023

Application Deadline:
June 1st (23:59)

How do you apply?

To apply for the English PLAZA internship, you must complete and submit an application through our online system. The application should be completed in one sitting.

Before starting your application, please read the section below regarding the types of information and documents that you need in order to submit a complete application. Failure to follow instructions may result in an application rejection.

After reading the information below, click this link to begin your application

What information do you need to complete for the application?

The English PLAZA internship is a semester-by-semester internship program and the application process is rigorous. Interested applicants should review the eligibility requirements for the English PLAZA internship before the hiring process begins.

Before beginning the application process, please have this information readily available:

  • Most recent GPA
  • Any standardized test of English language proficiency you wish to report (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, EIKEN, etc.)
  • Activities that may interfere with internship training
  • A 1-2 minute video in response to the follow questions:
    • What does “leadership” mean to you?
    • What qualities, skills, or experience do you have that would make you an outstanding student leadership intern in the English Plaza?

Watch the sample video below if you need help with your own video.

When can you submit an application?

Spring Application Timeline:

June 1st (deadline)Submit online application
End of JuneReceive invitation and prepare for interview
Beginning of JulyInterview with EP Leaders and Advisors
Mid JulyRespond to EP internship offer
End of July/Beginning of AugustAttend mandatory SLI orientation
Last Week of August (1-2 days)Attend mandatory EP pre-semester training

Fall Application Timeline:

November 1st (deadline)Submit online application
Mid NovemberReceive invitation and prepare for interview
Mid NovemberInterview with EP Leaders and Advisors
Late NovemberRespond to EP internship offer
Early DecemberAttend mandatory SLI orientation
Last week of MarchAttend mandatory EP pre-semester training

What can you expect during the interview?

Accepted applicants will be asked to select their date preferences for an interview. A confirmation email with the specific date, time, and location will be sent to you. The interview is a roundtable style with three different sections. In each section, there will be an English PLAZA advisor as well as a current intern Leader. Please dress professionally and come prepared for the interview:

  • About the Applicant: In this section, you will be asked questions about you, relating to your future goals, managing time, involvement in other activities, etc.
  • Scenarios: In this section, you will be asked to respond to various scenarios that may take place during your internship in the plaza.
  • About English PLAZA: This section is focused on the English Plaza as a whole and will ask specific questions about the rules, responsibilities, purpose, etc.

English Plaza Leadership Opportunities

There are various leadership opportunities within the English PLAZA internship program. Each semester, Advisors select a team of five (subject to change) interns to serve as Leaders or Sub-Leaders. All positions come with a high level of responsibility.

Are you eligible to be an English PLAZA Leader?

  • Must complete Junior Staff Training
  • Must not have any strikes on their record for the semester
  • Must have excellent previous intern evaluations

* Any intern can apply for a Leader position, as long as they do not apply for the same leadership position two semesters in a row (i.e. the Spring 2019 Tech Leader cannot apply to be the Tech Leader again in Fall 2019, but can apply to be the Projects Leader for Fall 2019).

What are the responsibilities of each Leader position?

Hiring Leader

  • Assist Hiring Advisor with new intern hiring (e.g. advertising, applications, interviews)
  • Help facilitate EP internship interviews with other leaders and advisors
  • Manage intern evaluation system
  • Assist other Leaders and Advisors with any ongoing tasks/projects
  • Responsible for organizing and leading EP’s job fair

Environment Leader

  • Contact point for interns and students to address concerns and offer suggestions for EP improvements
  • Trains interns on Floor duties, PEP, and any other EP services (e.g. procedures, EP tours, etc.)
  • Maintains cleanliness and organization of Plaza space (e.g. cork boards, furniture, tables, etc.)
  • Organizes team events for interns
  • Manages EP social media accounts

Projects Leader

  • Responsible for overseeing EP events and ongoing projects
  • Coordinate between event teams and IEO regarding proposals, timesheets, inquiries, and other project related matters
  • Responsible for assisting with proposals and budget forms for events
  • Responsible for communicating with other GTF coordinator groups who use EP for events (e.g. GTI Friends) 

Administration Leader

  • Responsible for creating and keeping agenda of Team and Leader meetings
  • Leader of Team and Leader Meetings, including meeting minutes
  • Responsible for managing Zoom accounts, Shift Manager checklists, Eventbrite, and any other online-related issues
  • Responsible for updating intern bios on tiugti.com website
  • Reports technology issues to IEO and Tech Advisor