Learning Commons Rules

When making reservations…

  • You can make 1 or 2 reservations for an instructor each day.
  • If you want to make more than 2 reservations in one day, you will need to make reservations with 2 or more instructors.

Reserving a Learning Room

In the Learning Commons (LC)…

  • Use English in the English Lounge Area

    • Speak English only*
    • Write English only*
    • Read English only*
    • Listen to English only*

  • Be Active

    • The Learning Commons is for intercultural exchange and practicing English and Japanese.
    • If an instructor or student leader is not busy, start a conversation.
    • There is no sleeping in the Learning Commons.

  • Have Respect

    • Do not use offensive language (bad words) in the LC
    • Headphones must be used when watching videos or listening to music.*

*All materials must be in English: books, papers, videos, applications, etc

  • No Food

    • Cafe drinks must stay in the cafe area.
  • Drinks with caps or lids are allowed.