Emoji Game

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How to Play

The Emoji Game is easy to play. One person (or group) uses English to describe each emoji and another person (or group) must guess the emoji. When describing an emoji, a player cannot use the name of the emoji, and this player cannot use gestures, but he or she can use any other English words to describe it. The player tries to get the other player to correctly guess as many emoji as possible in 2 minutes. The other player can ask questions in English at any time, and if he or she does not know how to say the name of the emoji in English, he or she can use Japanese. When playing the Emoji Game, a player can skip only one emoji per turn.

How to describe an emoji: 

  • Category: What category is the emoji in?
    • Smileys & People? Animals & Nature?
    • Food & Drink? Sports & Activities?
    • Travel & Places? Objects? Symbols?
    • It’s an everyday object (spoon)
  • Location: Where do you usually see this emoji?
    • You see it on a dining table (spoon)
  • Material: What is the emoji made of?
    • It’s made of metal, and sometimes wood (spoon)
  • Size, Shape, and/or color: How big is it? What shape is it?
    • You can hold it in your hand; It’s small and round (spoon)
  • Purpose: How do you use this emoji? What does it do?
    • You use it when you eat something (spoon)
    • You put it into soup (spoon)