Greta Shoop


English Lounge

Monday 11:45-12:30

Tuesday 17:05-17:50

Academic Advising

Tuesday 10:50-11:35, 11:45-12:30


Hello! My name is Greta and I was born in Oregon but have also lived in Massachusetts and California. Most recently, I lived in Monterey, CA where I consider my US home. I began my English teaching career in 2005 as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Romania and Azerbaijan. Since then, I have worked in California as well as the United Arab Emirates. This will be my first time in Japan and I am really looking forward to communicating with you!

Home State

Conversation Topics

  • Travel
  • ANYTHING to do with the ocean (conservation, marine biology, oceanography, and especially, sharks!)
  • NASA
  • Documentary Films
  • Running

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